RPG Maker Free for All Weekend

My first contact with RPG Maker series came when I discovered hit series Aveyond, one of the first commercial RPG Maker games. After hanging about the Amaranth Games community for a few years, I became curious about the engine that made it all happen, so I nosed around, used the RM-XP trial to make a small cottage environment. After a couple of years, I bought RM-VX and later RM-Ace as well, and started occasional experimenting. Eventually, I managed to produce a series of mini-skits on Amaranthia, which I hope were to the enjoyment of site users (check them out).

Amaranthia Series 5 - A Chancellor's Life

Snapshot of a scene in “Amaranthia Series 5 – A Chancellor’s Life”.

While the original purpose of the RPG Maker series is as game makers, to me RPG Maker is a means of expressing myself with more than just words. Being a writer but an incompetent artist, I have frequently wished to be able to convey expressions with scenery/settings and art as well as words, and RPG Maker manages to combine both. It has also taught me more than anything through the value of good mapping, that sometimes it’s the little things, the things that people overlook, that makes the difference between boringly flat, interestingly filled, and overly crowded. That finding just that right touch is sometimes more difficult than it looks, both while creating games and filling our lives.

Someday I hope to be able to progress to making short games, and I believe RPG Maker will be right beside me when that happens. You too, can Make Your Own Game today! Read more about all three engines here.